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Wageningen University is accredited for the organization of Interlaboratory Studies by the Dutch Accreditation Council RvA under registration number R002. The accreditation is based on the ISO/IEC- requirements (General requirements for proficiency testing, ISO/IEC 17043:2010). Determinands only meet the criteria for accreditation if the results are reported by a sufficient number of participants for at least three years and the results have proven to be homogeneous and stable.

Elements noted with $ are not in the scope of the accreditation.

ProgramDeterminand groupDeterminand
ISEReal totalsAg$, Al, As, B$, Ba, Be$, Bi$, Br, C-elementary, Ca, Cd, Ce, Co, Cr, Cs$, Cu, Dy$, F$, Fe, Ga, Gd$, Ge$, Hg, I$, K, La, Li$, Mg, Mn, Mo$, N - elementary, Na, Nb, Nd, Ni, P, Pb, Pd$, Pr$, Pt$, Rb, Rh$, S, Sb, Sc$, Se$, Si, Sm$, Sn, Sr, Te$, Th, Ti, Tl$, U$, V, W$, Y, Yb$, Zn, Zr
ISEAcid extractable (So-called totals)Ag$, Al, As, B$, Ba, Be, Bi$, Br$, Ca, Cd, Ce$, Co, Cr, Cu, F$, Fe, Ga$, Hg, I$, K$, La$, Li$, Mg, Mn, Mo, N, Na$, Nb$, Nd$, Ni, P, Pb, Pt$, Rb$, S, Sb, Sc$, Se$, Si$, Sn, Sr$, Te$, Th$, Ti$, Tl$, U$, V, Y$, Zn, Zr$
ISEAqua Regia (ISO 11466)Ag$, Al, As, B, Ba, Be, Bi$, Br$, Ca, Cd, Ce$, Co, Cr, Cu, F$, Fe, Ga$, Hg, I$, K, La$, Li$, Mg, Mn, Mo, Na, Nd$, Ni, P, Pb, Pt$, Rb$, S, Sb, Sc$, Se, Si$, Sn$, Sr, Te$, Th$, Ti, Tl$, U$, V, Y$, Zn, Zr$
ISEExtraction with boiling 2M HNO3Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Hg, Mo, Ni, Pb, Tl$, Zn
ISEExtraction with 0.1M NaNO3Cd$, Cu$, Ni$, Pb$, Zn$
ISEExtraction with 0.01M CaCl2 1:10Al$, B$, Cd$, CN$, Co$, Cr$, Cu$, Fe$, K, Mg$, Mn$, N - NH4 (as N), N - NO3 (as N), N total soluble$, Na$, Ni$, P, Pb$, SO4$, Zn$
ISESoil characteristicsC - org others (W&B a.o.), TIC=Tot.Inorg C(as CaCO3), TOC=Total Org. C, TC=Total C (org.+inorg.), Org.matter (L.O.I.), Active Lime (as CaCO3)$, EC-SC (ISO 11265), pH - CaCl2, pH - H2O, pH - KCl, Fraction < 2 µm, Fraction < 16 µm, Fraction < 63 µm, Fraction > 63 µm
ISEOther determinationsB - Hot water$, CN - Free$, CN - Total$, delta 13C$, delta 15N$, K - HCl (as K)$, Mg - NaCl (as Mg)$, Moisture-content
ISEFluoride (Swiss standard procedure)F - Total$
ISEPot. CEC using 1M NH4-acetate at pH=7CEC, Al$, Ca, K, Mg, Na
ISEPot. CEC using 1M or 0.1M BaCl2-TEA at pH=8.1 (ISO 13536 OR BZE)CEC$, Al$, Ca$, K$, Mg$, Na$
ISEPot. CEC using 1M NH4Cl (BZE)CEC$, Al$, Ca$, Fe$, H$, K$, Mg$, Mn$, Na$
ISEAct. CEC using 0.01M BaCl2 (ISO 11260)CEC$, Al$, Ca$, Fe$, H$, K$, Mg$, Mn$, Na$
ISEAct. CEC using 0.1M BaCl2 (UNEP-UN/EC 91065A)CEC$, Al$, Ca$, Fe$, H$, K$, Mg$, Mn$, Na$
ISEAct. CEC using cobaltihexamine (AFNOR NFX 31 130)CEC, Al$, Ca, Fe$, H$, K, Mg, Mn$, Na$
ISEMehlich-3Al, As$, B, Ca, Cd$, Cr$, Co$, Cu, Fe, K, Mg, Mn, Na, P, Se$, Pb$, Zn
ISEExtraction with Ca-lactate (VDLUFA, Germany)K$, P$
ISEExtraction with double lactate (VDLUFA, Germany)K$, P$
ISEWater soluble 1:10 (w/v) (EN-12457-4)Br$, Cl$, F$, N - NO3 (as N)$
ISEExtraction with 0.01M CaCl2 - 0.005M DTPA 1:10 (w/v)Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn
ISEExtraction with 1M KCl 1:10 (w/v)N - NH4 (as N), N - NO3 (as N)
ISEPhosphorus and related analysisP - Ox$, Al - Ox$, Fe - Ox$, P - AL (as P), P - w (as P)$, P - Bray (as P)$, P - Olsen (as P)
ISEExtraction with 1M HCl (Polish standard)B$, Cu$, Fe$, Mn$, Zn$
ISEWater soluble 1:10 (w/v) (Neth standard VPR C85-06)Br$, Cl$, F$, SO4$
ISEUK Soil MethodsK - NH4NO3 (1/5), Mg - NH4NO3 (1/5), P – NaHCO3 (1/20), pH - H2O (2/5)
ISEExtraction with dilute nitric acid (0.43 Mol/l) ISO 17586Ag$, Al$, As$, B$, Ba$, Be$, Br$, Ca$, Cd$, Co$, Cr$, Cu$, Fe$, Hg$, K$, Mg$, Mn$, Mo$, Na$, Ni$, P$, Pb$, S$, Sb$, Se$, Sn$, Sr$, Te$, Ti$, Tl$, V$, Zn$
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