General - Scope - Shellfish toxins

Wageningen University is accredited for the organization of Interlaboratory Studies by the Dutch Accreditation Council RvA under registration number R002. The accreditation is based on the ISO/IEC- requirements (General requirements for proficiency testing, ISO/IEC 17043:2010). Determinands only meet the criteria for accreditation if the results are reported by a sufficient number of participants for at least three years and the results have proven to be homogeneous and stable.

Elements noted with $ are not in the scope of the accreditation.

ProgramDeterminand groupDeterminand
BT11Toxins(SF)AZA-1, AZA-2, AZA-3, AZA-total, Free-DTX1, Free-DTX2, free-Okadaic-Acid, Total-free-OA+DTX1+DTX2, Total-DTX1$, Total-DTX2, Total-Okadaic-Acid, Total-hy-OA+DTX1+DTX2, PTX-1$, PTX-2, Total OA group + PTX group, YTX, homo-YTX, 45-OH-homo-YTX, 45-OH-YTX$, Total-YTX
BT12Toxins(SF)11-OH-STX$, C1$, C-1,2, C2, C3$, C-3,4$, C4$, dc-GTX1$, dc-GTX-1,4$, dc-GTX2$, dc-GTX-2,3$, dc-GTX3, dc-GTX4$, dc-NEO$, dc-STX$, GTX-1, GTX-2, GTX-3, GTX-4$, GTX-5, GTX-6$, NEO$, STX, Total toxicity, GTX-2,3, GTX-1,4$
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